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August 2018

I hope you have a great summer, you protect yourself from the heat and enjoy the sun at the right time. My summer, in any case, is pretty good.

The month of August is the occasion of the holiday duties for some of you, so here we do the same: we review!

If there are things you have not understood in the chapters already posted, it's time to update it. At the end of August, there will even be a very concise summary for those who arrive along the way but do not want to read the previous 10 chapters. I was received some help to do it so it should be clearer than my pages of novels in the first chapters.

The real boards of the webcomic will resume in September. If someone has read this news to the end, please writes Apricot Jam in the comments.


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March 2018

The webcomic is progressing quickly. On the page I'm drawing, a character hugs Fressande and plot twist : she hates it XD

I'm going to have a lot of free weekends during this month, I hope to be able to move some little things forward. Among these things, I would like ti launch Fressande on Tapastic and on Mangadraft, two platforms dedicated to webcomics.

And currently, I'm finishing an original sketch that will be released on Patreon and on Tipeee today. These sketches help to see a little more about the characters, if you are curious, do not hesitate to join us there. And if you can not afford it, do not hesitate to talking about Fressande around you if you liked it.

Finally, if someone has read this news to the end, please writes Peanut Butter in the comments.


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