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May 2020

Since my news from March, a big update has just happened, normally I caught up with the thread of publications.

However, self-promotion and quintuple posts on different social medias are still energy intensive. The content creators who read these lines probably won't contradict me ...

If I took advantage of not yet being deconfined to do this update, I still resume my part-time work next week. I am both considered a caregiver AND ... a fragile person in front of Covid. Winning duo!
While I'm going to make sure that I don't end up in the emergency room, I will also have an increased workload in terms of hygiene in the office.

All this combined leaves me to think that there will undoubtedly be a new hiatus of several months in the publication of webcomic on this site, before a new big update.

The energy that I will still have available will rather be devoted to advancing my commissions and drawing my Fressande pages.

As a reminder, you will always have access to it on my Patreon, because they are programmed to switch to free reading after 2 months.


For newsletter subscribers, you will not be spammed in the near future.

Take care of yourself, thank you to those who follow my work, thank you even bigger to those who actively comment and encourage me, and see you very soon!


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March 2020

The free publications of Fressande, on this site and on Tapas, are suspended for an indefinite time!

On the other hand, the publications continue as usual on Patreon!


If you want to continue reading Fressande for free during this short break, you can do so on Patreon. The pages are planned to switch to free reading, after 2 months of private reading. Obviously, the site is intended for people who are registered with my Patreon, so you will not receive any notification: it is not practical, and I am sorry.
I hope to see things go back to normal at least in May (and I will make a big update of the pages to make up for the delay accumulated in the publications.) By then, there will be no more newsletter for do not spam you unnecessarily.

See you soon !


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