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March 2021

The free publications of Fressande, on this site and on Tapas, are suspended for an indefinite time!

On the other hand, the publications continue as usual on Patreon!


If you want to continue reading Fressande for free during this short break, you can do so on Patreon. The pages are planned to switch to free reading, after 2 months of private reading. Obviously, the site is intended for people who are registered with my Patreon, so you will not receive any notification: it is not practical, and I am sorry.
I hope to see things go back to normal at least in May (and I will make a big update of the pages to make up for the delay accumulated in the publications.) By then, there will be no more newsletter for do not spam you unnecessarily.

See you soon !


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November 2019

Hey ! I decided to re-give you every links to follow me on social media. Help yourself !

- Reading Fressande on another website : Tapas

- Reading Fressande with 4 pages in advance and enjoying exclusives contents : Patreon


- Discovering my other artworks : Twitter and Instagram


See you soon there !


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