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January 2018

I wish you all a year 2018 with great fun! Mine starts weaned off coffee (I tell this to everyone like I had stopped a drug, so I had to tell you too ...............)
And I wish for Fressande and his gang lots of mishaps, mouhéheehehehehehahahahahahahahYHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA ... hem.



July 2017

As the sun, morale is high here! I'm finishing a colored illustration right now (my acrylic paints missed me a lot), trying some touch of gouache for the first time. I like it! Even if I have a hard time as a kid learning to walk...
And I started the chapter 10. Begining a new chapter is always... exhilarating. My vacation are coming in exactly 24h and I'm F*CKING ready <3 *open her arms wide*


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